Botany of the Waikato

Published by the Society in 2002, this informative and in-depth account of the history and plants of the Waikato landscape includes over 150 colour photographs in 15 chapters and 136 pages. A ‘must have‘ for anyone wishing to familiarize themself with the natural history of the Waikato Region. Click here for the order form.

Botany of the Waikato book cover

Chapter Titles and Authors: Introduction (Bruce Clarkson and Chrissen Gemmill), Physical Environment (John McCraw), History of the Vegetation (John Nicholls), Early Waikato Botanists (Avi Holzapfel), The Coastal Fringe (Merilyn Merrett), Lakes and Rivers (John Clayton), Swamp, Fens and Bogs (Beverley Clarkson), Pastureland (Jim Crush and LIz Wedderburn), Fringe Areas (Paul Champion), Lowland Forests (Bruce Burns and Mark Smale), Upland Forests and Special Open Habitats (Bruce Clarkson), Karst Landscapes (Bruce Clarkson), Threatened and Uncommon Plants (Lisette Collins), Treasures of the Forest: Traditional Uses of Native Plants (Rob McGowan), Future Prospects (Warwick Silvester).

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